Audrey Faust, MBA

Business Coach & Certified NeuroCoach

  Specializing in helping female entrepreneurs in service-based businesses who struggle with charging higher prices overcome money blocks so they can increase their income and reach higher financial goals in their business!


NeuroCoaching™ is a transformational way of coaching that rewires the brain. 

It comes from the study of neuroscience which identifies and replaces neuropathways to create a new bigger, better way of thinking and being. 

Neuropathways are built by repeated negative thoughts and beliefs over many years.  These negative thoughts are running the show in your brain and control everything you do.

Often, they were developed as a child.  They are stored in your subconscious.  Your subconscious makes 90% of your decisions in your brain.

This means you may have a child running the show.

No wonder why you cannot step into the income and business you really want. 


What is great about this is once you identify these thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, it is very easy to rewrite them. 

I have been trained and certified to use the system and tools to help you identify them and then rewrite these neuropathways that have been driving everything you do and blocking you from the results you really desire. 

And the good news is it only takes 67 days and only 10 minutes a day to rewrite them once we identify them together. 

Everything that has been holding you back for an eternity will be gone FOREVER!  

Then you can create the income and business of your dreams! 

You will be UNSTOPPABLE!    

How to set goals to achieve Epic Abundance with 5 simple steps.

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Work with an inspiring, Business & Certified NeuroCoach

Who can help you feel EMPOWERED so you can stand your ground around your TRUE worth and value!!!


  • Have you ever had someone question your worth?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • Belittled or like you were not worthy enough or good enough?
  • Frustrated or possibly question your value?

If so, you are not alone and I can help.

This happens to women every day and usually, we take it personally. 

We think we are not WORTHY enough or don't deserve it.

This needs to change because today, more and more women are starting and growing their businesses. 

We are outpacing men 2-1 in starting businesses now.  YES! 

Let me help you discover the blocks that are holding you back from stepping into your TRUE worth and value.

Let me help you permanently remove all of these blocks so you can create a business you’ve always dreamed you would have. 

You deserve to make more money and play big, just like everyone else.

I can help you earn more money, increase your value and prices and make your money grow exponentially so you can attain FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND ABUNDANCE!

Do you look at others in your industry and wonder why you can't charge what they do?

Is it because you feel you are not worthy of charging that much?

  • Or maybe you want to help more people and think they can’t afford it or are struggling, and you just want to help them, help the underdog.

  • Possibly you feel you will have to work harder if you charge more.

  • Or you feel guilty if you charge more or make over a certain amount of money.

 Don’t worry, you’ve landed in the right place because this is exactly who I help every day. Women like you struggle with their pricing, value, and worth.


Once I removed the blocks I had around my pricing, my business tripled in size.


I got you!

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Good News is, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! None of it is.

We all have these thoughts running the show every day.  

In fact, 90% of them have been programmed in our minds often without us knowing. 

This could be exactly holding you back from the wildly successful business of your dreams! 

And it will continue to sabotage you unless you fix it. 

Here is a perfect example of programmed thoughts one of my clients had that sabotaged her for more than 30 years and she did not even know it until we worked together…

A coaching client in her fifties could not figure out why she has never had money in her life. 

Even in high school she worked hard at a job she loved, but then spent her paycheck at the store at which she was working. She was reinvesting her paycheck in the store she loved working at so much.

Then following in her father’s footsteps, she started and grew several businesses.  She knew a business would give her the freedom she always desired.

Although, NONE of these businesses ever made a profit. She was never able to even pay herself much, if at all.  She kept falling further and further in debt. In fact, her last business she grew to a MILLION DOLLARS in revenue but, when she left that business, the only thing it gave her was more debt. 

In an intensive coaching session, we uncovered what was behind all of this. Her father was an entrepreneur, and she loved the freedom she saw her father have, but her father’s business eventually went bankrupt.  Without even knowing it she was modeling her father’s behavior her entire life.  Not only was she not charging enough, but the money she did receive she reinvested all of it back into her company and her employees, and never gave herself anything. 

It wasn’t her fault! It was already programmed in her mind to do it this way. 

The GREAT NEWS is we identified and are reprograming this, so she gets to now create a wildly successful and profitable business of her dreams! Had she not uncovered this, she would continue to follow this same pattern repeatedly.

This is just one example of the programming you may have that you are unaware of that is running the show and will continue to run the show until you do something about it.

Once you discover and remove it you will be complete UNSTOPPABLE!   

IMAGINE what could be POSSIBLE for you then...                 



Have you been trying to increase your income or profits in your business but haven't had success in doing so?

It is possible something is blocking you from achieving this.  You can learn how to break through the blocks and start creating the business of your dreams!

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Do you want to increase your prices, but every time you go to pull the trigger, you are unable to?

It's time to finally feel confident and learn how to increase your prices without the fear of losing clients or feeling embarrassed.

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Do think it's not about the money, it's only about helping people? 

The more money you make the more valued both you and your clients will feel.  It will also allow you to help more people in so many ways.  Isn't it true, the more you spend on something, the more you value it?

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Do you think that if you charged more than you would have to be perfect, have fancy proposals, have a big client list, and couldn’t make any mistakes?

Everyone thinks this, but it is NOT TRUE.  In fact, having a small client list can help you focus more on those clients.  No one cares about fancy proposals.  And everyone makes mistakes, no matter how much they are charging.

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Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got

– Jim Rohn


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My Coaching Process

My coaching process is driven by you 100%. We work together to remove any blocks and achieve your dream goals. The way I coach is not like 95% of the coaches out there, IT IS SO MUCH BETTER. I am a Certified NeuroCoach.  I know how to teach you how to easily reprogram your thoughts and rewire your brain to OVERCOME ANYTHING you desire! It literally works like MAGIC! I will help you get everything you've ever wanted and more!

  • We create a vision for your business and ultimate success together
  • We identify what is not working and what is holding you back from achieving your income goals.
  • We figure out where you are now in your journey so you know where we are starting from.
  • We create a plan and figure out the best path to get you where you want to be in your business.
  • We move forward with laser-focused direction and achievable steps.
  • We choose what will best motivate you and hold you accountable for your goals
  • We track and celebrate your success!
I will meet your needs and exceed your expectations! Not only does the way I coach work like magic, but it also leads to PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION. 
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Audrey Faust Financial Coach

Have you ever wanted to charge more but doubted your worth?

Learn how to step into your true worth and put it out there with CONFIDENCE.
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Jennifer B.

I feel like I have direction now. I know where I need to go. I have steps in place. To continue my growth and the keep that snowball getting bigger.

Kristen F.

I feel comfortable enough to say, "Yes, I have a business. Yes, I'm growing my business." I'm in a position to do that, and feeling confident in saying that. I think I'm starting to see the value I offer my clients, and appreciating that a little bit more.

I really think some of it was a mental block of, "How am I going to do this? If I can't manage what I have now? How am I going to generate more income? I just feel a lot more structured now. I would not have figured it out if I hadn't talked it out with you.

You don't know what you don't know, so you can't ask those questions. I just feel like that is such a valuable piece.

Erin S.

I was just kind of stagnant and feeling stuck, and now I feel like I'm moving forward and kind of picked up the pace a little bit and kind of just steamrolled right on through.


Coaching Packages 

All sessions with me personally

The Block Buster

Intensive Session

  • 1 Intensive 1 on 1 Session

  • We work together to identify the BLOCKS that are preventing you from reaching your income goals

  • Includes call recording to review after the session
  • Have questions or would like to schedule an intensive click below and
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Worth and Value Empowerment

Most Popular

  • 1 Intensive session

  • Work together 1 on 1 over the next 3 months to create a personalized pricing blueprint for you and your business to promote growth and prosperity.

  • We discover and remove any pricing, worth, or value blocks that are holding you back.
  • Includes support between sessions via the Marco Polo app

  • Payment plan available 

  • Due to high demand and limited availability clients are accepted by application only. 
  • To hear more about this option click below and 
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Worth and Value Maximizer

Best Value

  • 1 Intensive session

  •  Work together 1 on 1 over the next 6 months to create the ultimate pricing blueprint for you and your business to promote growth,  prosperity, and financial abundance to last for an eternity.

  •  We discover and remove any pricing, worth, or value blocks that are holding you back.

  • We work through a 67 day reprogramming and rewiring technique to create permanent lasting transformation.
  • Includes support between sessions via the Marco Polo app
  • Payment plan available 
  • Due to high demand and limited availability clients are accepted by application only.  To hear more about this option click below and
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Custom Packages and group programs are also available schedule a FREE Consultation to discuss your needs.

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My Story

Hello friend, thanks for stopping by.  Here is a little bit about me.   

  • I am a Business Coach & Certified NeuroCoach 
  • I am a fractional CFO
  • I have an accounting degree and an MBA
  • I am a mother of 3 grown children. 

 I LOVE to help female entrepreneurs overcome blocks that are keeping them from increasing their income and growing their businesses. 

I LOVE to help women overcome imposter syndrome and accomplish their ultimate income goals.  

Why? Credit to my mother - although she is no longer with me, she told me how important it was to be able to support myself financially.  It would give me the freedom she never had.  She drilled this into my head at a very young age and it stuck with me.  Although I am married, if I did not want to be, I can financially support myself in a lifestyle I am accustomed to. When she left this world a couple of years ago, she could leave in peace knowing I achieved the financial security she always wanted for me.  

I believe in the law of attraction and how it can work for you alongside creating all your goals to supercharge your income, and financial abundance. 

I have worked with small businesses for over 20 years helping them grow their revenue. I know goals and a vision matter if you want to grow! 

I get a kick out of watching all the businesses I work with grow and prosper to extraordinary levels of income they never thought possible.  This is what LIGHTS ME UP! 

In my fractional CFO business, I work with businesses that have revenue ranging from $1M to $40M.  My team and I get to manage their finances.  I get to work directly with CEOs to strategically grow their revenues, direct and impact their businesses and grow their revenues. 

Did I start this way?  No, absolutely not, I went from having a part-time $15/hr bookkeeping job 20 years ago to now having a multi-six figure CFO & Coaching business I LOVE. 

Where I started - In the year 2000, I had no college degree, a household income that could not make ends meet, and 3 young children who were 5 and under.  

Fast forward 20 years... 

I have put all 3 children and myself through college.

I have a multi-six-figure business to which I am making more than 10x what I made at my job 20 years ago.

Let me help you achieve the income and financial abundance you desire!